We believe that fundamental knowledge of our products and processes is essential to be successful within our organization. Therefore Van Hessen has developed challenging and distinguished traineeships: a management traineeship and a product specialist traineeship. Throughout the last 2 decades the program has produced many talented colleagues. They are now in the most senior management positions of the company or have become our highly respected product specialists driven by optimization and innovation.

In order to consolidate our leading position in the meat industry; we are continuously recruiting academic graduates to join our program. After the trainee period, you can count on careful career planning and participation in management development programs. It is most likely that you will be located abroad.

During the 1.5 year training period - of which a substantial part takes place in China, Australia, Europe, Morocco and the United States - you will become acquainted with the full line of products and production processes. In addition, you will be exposed to various areas of management throughout the program. The ultimate objective of the program is to develop you for a key position within the Van Hessen Group.

Although you will be situated in many different countries during this intensive period, you won’t stand alone; a tutor, a mentor and a coach will supervise and guide you through this challenging period. They will ensure you get the most out of yourself and will monitor your progress.

Our head office in the Netherlands is the location where your journey starts. Here you will be introduced to the basics of our company and products. Very soon you will travel to different locations around the world to experience and understand our production process. You will visit slaughterhouses, our own subsidiaries and companies in the meat processing industry and customers.

Our expectations are high. We expect you to be continuously focused and analytical, even though you will be hit by fatigue and encounter stressful situations. If you have the guts, we welcome you to join our strong company culture and great people with passion for our product.

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